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Treatment of infertility

The treatment of involuntary infertility must be carried out by specialists. Specific, non-traumatic surgical techniques must be adopted in order to remove endometriosis sites while preserving and restoring the organs affected.

Precision operations performed in order to repair the fallopian tubes and ovaries will treat the endometriosis and can often restore spontaneous pregnancy as well. At present, this kind of operation is usually performed by the micro-laparoscopic technique.

Medicinal treatments are a valuable addition. They are mainly used to relieve the pains rapidly and get rid of any inflammatory reaction before and after a planned operation. Taking an ovulation inhibitor (contraceptive pill) up to the time of becoming pregnant can prevent or at least delay the reappearance of endometriosis sites after an operation.

The prospects of success are generally good if the appropriate treatment has been chosen (surgery, in vitro fertilisation or both).

Based on the experience gained in specialist centres, pregnancy occurred within a year in nearly 80% of women who had not managed to become pregnant because of endometriosis. However, several cycles are sometimes required in the case of assisted reproductive technology.

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