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Hormone therapy

In view of the fact that endometriosis sites are stimulated by the female sex hormones (oestrogens and progestogens), medicinal treatments are aimed at regulating and inhibiting the hormonal effect. This result can be obtained, for example, by taking luteal hormones (progestogens) or a contraceptive pill.

If complete blocking of ovarian function is necessary, the synthesis of oestrogens is inhibited by treating with LHRH analogues. This treatment dries up the endometriosis sites. This can provide pain relief and prevent the formation of new endometriosis sites.

The use of medication to inhibit the formation of hormones temporarily creates a state comparable to the menopause, with the problems associated with the menopause. However, the intensity of the hot flushes, decreased bone mass, mood swings, etc., is highly variable. If prolonged treatment is necessary, the associated symptoms can be relieved by prescribing a special hormonal treatment with a low dose.

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