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Endometriosis and pain

At the start of the disease, the pains mainly occur during periods or only in particular situations, such as after sexual intercourse, when urinating or defaecating.

Endometriosis almost always causes symptoms that are initially quite mild, then gradually become more intense and sometimes even intolerable (chronic pelvic pain, only cyclic or constant).

The clinical picture of endometriosis takes many different forms because the symptoms vary according to the type of condition and its impact on the various organs and because the complications such as adhesions and scars cause pain irrespective of the menstrual cycle. There is not always a correlation between the degree of severity of the disease and the intensity of the symptoms.

Many women suffering from the condition not only experience pains at the place where they have active endometriosis sites but they also have non-specific symptoms that may seriously impair their general state of health. These symptoms include, for instance, a feeling of general malaise, diffuse abdominal pains, a feeling of abdominal heaviness, a lack of vitality, chronic fatigue and mood swings.

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