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This website summarises the key information about endometriosis and its treatment. It is intended to help patients affected and people interested in the condition gain a better understanding of the doctor’s diagnosis and the subsequent treatment process.

This website is no substitute for advice from a doctor or gynaecologist. However, we feel that reading the booklet will make it easier for patients to ask their doctor any questions they may have at their next consultation.


At present, the recommendations for further reading are unfortunately only available in German:

  • Endometriose. Die verkannte Frauenkrankheit?
    Diagnostik und Therapie aus ganzheitsmedizinischer Sicht.
    [Endometriosis. The unrecognised women’s disease? Diagnosis and treatment from a holistic viewpoint].
    4th edition, Diametric-Verlag 2005 (ISBN 3-938580-03-8)
  • Endometriose: gutartig, aber gemein.
    Die versteckte Krankheit erkennen and wirksam behandeln.
    [Endometriosis: benign but unpleasant. Detecting and effectively treating the hidden disease.]
    Trias-Thieme Verlag (ISBN 3-8304-3095-7)


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We send the German, French or Italian booklet to interested parties from Switzerland and Liechtenstein free of charge. Interested parties from other countries can download the booklet in these languages as a pdf-file.

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a progressive gynaecological disease often not recognized

Information booklet for women suffering from and people concerned about endometriosis.

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Thank you for your interest in our endometriosis booklet. Regrettably, we are not permitted to send medical documentation abroad for legal reasons. You will find PDF files of our endometriosis booklet in German, French and Italian on this homepage.
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