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Endometriosis is a common and complex women’s illness. Not only does it disrupt physical well-being but it can also have psychological consequences and put a strain on relations with a partner.

It is estimated that 10% to 15% of women of child-bearing age and nearly half of infertile women suffer from this illness.

One of the problems stems from the fact that endometriosis can manifest itself in a wide variety of symptoms. In some cases the main symptom is pain, whereas in other cases the disease is responsible for infertility, disorders of other organs (such as kidneys or bowel) or it slowly and progressively causes lesions in the internal organs, while remaining totally undetected. This diversity of clinical signs and symptoms certainly explains why endometriosis is often only discovered after several years. However, for the treatment to be effective and successful, it is essential that the condition is diagnosed early and correctly.

Information on this website is intended to present endometriosis from various viewpoints, to respond to the need for information felt by many women with endometriosis and to improve understanding of this typical, common gynaecological disease.


Group of endometriosis experts
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